Selfish writing

In life, there are many things and actions that can be safely called terrible. Among such, for example, can be identified not only diseases and terrible deaths of people, but also some of their actions, manifestations of characters and behaviors. In particular, in some cases, truly scary scales become characteristic of a phenomenon such as selfishness. What is the meaning of selfishness? How is it manifested? Why in some cases can it become really terrible?

To begin with, it is necessary to understand the very phenomenon of selfishness, to find out what it is. So, selfishness is a behavior in which a person tries to find only his own benefit, puts his interests first and strives to make his life better, regardless of how this affects society as a whole. There are many examples of such selfishness. A person can constantly ask for help, receive it, but then refuse to help someone else in return. Also a manifestation of selfishness is a disdainful attitude towards other people, the

conviction that they are much worse than an egoist in all respects.

The problem of selfishness in the modern world is much more significant than ever before. It is for this reason that modern selfishness has reached terrible proportions. It’s all about the structure of modern society. Capitalism, the consumer society, as it were, show man that doing everything for himself only is normal. Human egoism, the desire to live well at the expense of others at the present time, is not considered something reprehensible. The issues of ethics, morality, and religiousness of man have come to the fore. If you are sufficiently successful, in society it is believed that you are allowed more than other people. I think that egoism is terrible because it can cause many different conflicts between people.

Despite the modern unjust system of society, we all naturally seek justice. Any egoist, whoever he is talking about, behaves unfairly towards others. To be fair is to take into account the interests, rights and even the feelings and interests of other people. At least those who are close to you. The egoist can not do this, because he does not care about everything that does not concern his own problems. Consequently, sooner or later his behavior will cause discontent of others, and this discontent can develop into real anger, hatred and end in a very violent conflict. It is this, I think, that egoism is terrible.

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Selfish writing