Painting by F. P. Reshetnikov “Arrived on vacation!”

The picture of F. P. Reshetnikov “Arrived on vacation” was written in 1948. It causes the audience a sense of vivacity, energy, joy.

The composition of the canvas makes the depicted scene quite truthful. The artist picturesque means that the family prepared for the New Year: in the corner there is already a decorated Christmas tree, the room is cleaned. And then the door opened – and a boy appeared in Suvorov’s uniform. He dashingly stretched out and honored by all the rules, reporting on his arrival for the holidays. Grandfather, whose glasses had moved from the surprise to the end of the nose, also straightened, stretched his arms at the seams. In all his posture and gestures, we see joy and humor, seriousness and a joke. At the window, a surprised little sister quickly stood up to meet the Suvorovka.

F. P. Reshetnikov, depicting everyday details, features of the external appearance and behavior of his characters, reveals their habits, tastes. The picture is written with subtle humor, and therefore we see in it much more than what is depicted by the artist.

I think that in this family the New Year will be very cheerful. Suvorovets will turn into an ordinary boy and will, like his sister, be very happy with the long-awaited New Year gifts, winter games and fun.

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Painting by F. P. Reshetnikov “Arrived on vacation!”