What is emotion?

A person can not remain indifferent to the world around him. The objects that he uses, events, the witness or participant of which he becomes, cause in the person different Emotions.

Joy, sadness, indignation, anger – all these are different emotions. Some things cause pleasure and joy in us, others – pain, fear, disgust… The nature of experiences depends on the importance of different objects, phenomena for a person, how they satisfy his needs. It is through emotions that we get the first information about certain things, evaluate them; emotions determine our attitude to things in the future: what we like and what does not like.

Emotions play the role of internal behavior regulators in human life. They signal whether everything is in order in our lives. You probably know the expression “causeless sadness.” Spirited man’s mood. He does not always know why this happened. Meanwhile, everything in the world has a cause. And emotions, signaling

to a person that something unpleasant happened, are forced to search for the cause of the spoiled mood, to analyze their own and other people’s actions. In the end, the reason is found out: an unkind person reproached unfairly, a comrade has committed a bad deed, work is done worse than I would like…

Own behavior also causes certain feelings in a person, not always pleasant ones. Sometimes, they feel remorse, – it means that something was wrong, some actions deserve condemnation.

Remember: if you are in a good mood and you are all happy, do not you think that life is beautiful and amazing, and the surrounding people are kindness itself, that everything around is colored in joyful colors? In moments of resentment, fatigue, do not we feel the same life is sad and disgusting, the same people are evil and opposed to us, and everything around is gray, dirty, repulsive? What changed? Our emotions!

Emotions are the experiences of a person under the influence of external or internal stimuli, that is, a person’s experience of his attitude to the world and people, the emotional experience of a pleasant or unpleasant sensation.

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What is emotion?