Our Family Tradition

When my mother was born, her father, and my grandfather, who worked as an agronomist, planted a forest on the outskirts of the village. I explained to my family: “My daughter will grow up – I’ll snap nuts”.

The hazel is a hazelnut. In our village, and in neighboring villages, except my grandfather, none of this was not engaged in this nut. Why study? The thickets of wild hazel in the forests can be found almost at every step. But that wild hazel, and my grandfather decided to cultivate it, started breeding varieties.

Years passed, the family moved to the city. Mom graduated from university, got married, then I showed up.

But the family did not forget about the gazelle, planted by his grandfather. It has grown, has become part of the local forest that approaches the village. Every year we all come to this village together, we collect a ripe walnut. It is not only tasty, but also very useful. Derived varieties of walnut have a beautiful silvery coloring of the peel, the kernels contain a lot of oil. This hazel has no specific host. Every villager can eat nuts. Hazel generously endows the fruits of the inhabitants of the village and guests.

This year, by a long tradition, we visited the harvest of walnut. We returned home not only with ripe fruits, but also with seedlings. Grandfather decided to plant a nut in our front garden, near the house. Our neighbors were also interested in the walnut cultivation. They will grow nuts in their dachas. And we have a whole collection of hazelnut seeds at home. These are nuts of different sizes, varieties, and also collected by the grandfather in the forests of Ukraine, where he happens to be at the institute, where he now works.

When I grow up, I will become a walnut.

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Our Family Tradition