Our Tradition

In our family there is one tradition: every spring my friends and I go to the forest. When all the snow melted, and the weather became warm, we went to the forest for an overnight stay. With us are only close people with whom we are friends families. We are going to a lot, about 10-15 people. We take tents and backpacks, in which we store warm clothes, food and all the essentials.

In the forest there is a large clearing, it is on it that we set up tents. While parents put up tents, build a bonfire and fry shish kebab, children play various games. We take a soccer ball and play football with the boys. I love this sport and watch it even on TV, cheering for the national team of our country. Girls play their games, I was not even interested in which ones. Then we all eat a delicious shish kebab, smelling of smoke, and tell jokes and interesting stories.

After the fried meat, someone remains in our tent camp, and the rest go to the lake, which is nearby. Here is a magnificent lake with the purest water and therefore the fish swim in it. But it is forbidden to catch them here and we do not violate this prohibition. We just like to sit on the shore of the lake and look at the water surface. It is also interesting to look at the fish swimming in the water. When summer comes, we will come here to swim and sunbathe. In the forest and near the water you can see many forest dwellers, but animals are afraid of people and are hiding from us.

In the evening, we are sitting around a fire by the whole big company, and one of the adults tells amazing stories and incidents from life. Our parents also like to tell us about their childhood. We love, listen to such stories, so we sit until the end, until everyone goes to sleep. Rest in the forest is the best. Here the fresh air and beautiful nature. Here is such an annual tradition that I like very much.

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Our Tradition