Writing is my favorite holiday

Of all the holidays in the year, I most like two – birthday and New Year, but the New Year is probably more, because you celebrate it not only you alone, but all your friends, acquaintances and people you do not know at all. From this, the soul becomes even more joyful and solemn, and the closer to the end of December, the more the heart fades in anticipation of miracles and gifts. For a long time now I do not believe in Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, but without them what a New Year. Therefore, you are happy, like old acquaintances, their appearance on television screens, on the shelves with toys, on postcards and on billboards.

And the wonderful smell of a New Year tree and tangerines? Can he compare with something? It fills not only our apartment, but the whole house, the whole city! It seems that if there was not this smell, there would not be a holiday with its surprises and surprises, the impatient expectation of midnight and the many hours of salute outside the window.


the evening of December 31 does not look like one of the other evenings of the year. The table has already been laid, but we have not sat down yet – we are waiting for the guests. Mom in a smart dress, smelling of light perfume, a bit unrecognizable with a new hairstyle, with her grandmother finishing the last cooking in the kitchen. Dad watches a gala concert on TV, and I ply from the tree to the stove to be aware of all the events.

But suddenly – such a long-awaited and so unexpected call at the door! We rush to open the race. Noise, laughter, candy, gifts, congratulations! These are our first guests. And Uncle Misha, of course, pretends that he does not notice me at all, walks directly to the fir-tree, dressed up with flashing lights, and begins to lay out under it big and small boxes, wrapped in bright, elegant paper. Burning with curiosity, I begin to hang around next to the tree, but Uncle Misha cheerfully threatens me with a finger – there is still time before the New Year.

Here it is – New Year, a magical and joyful holiday.

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Writing is my favorite holiday