Man and money

The psychology of money is the least developed topic in our society, despite the fact that money at the moment are almost the very first in the list of everything necessary for life.

In fact, there are just a lot of topics to consider here: money and emotions, money and intellect and so on.

All people are happy with the salary, but some even attribute some magical properties to the money, which in itself is surprising.

An interesting situation with the distribution of funds. To some people money seems to go into their own hands, and from others they seem to run away, replenishing their debts. This raises a perfectly fair question: why is such an injustice?

Applying all the efforts and efforts, for the sake of getting a certain amount everyone achieves absolutely different results and here the idea of ​​luck already appears.

But it’s not about “lucky” or “unlucky.” It is only in the person himself and his attitude to

money, and in the general attitude to the world.

More often than not, in the case of constant financial difficulties, it is worth considering the distribution of the amount provided, whatever it may be.

Find the golden mean

Money, despite the fact that they are inanimate, are very moody. A person with an average income can think of money as a sense and purpose in life, but at the same time this class of people on a conscious level knows how to handle money.

They control their wealth and rationally treat even the smallest amount immediately knowing how to act in a predicament.

This is the psychology of money – not to deify, but not to belittle money, but to know the golden mean. A bad example is Henrietta Green. the most stingy woman in the world.

Those people who are in a state of permanent lack of money themselves with time begin to avoid money. This is due to the fact that they just resigned themselves to their situation and do not want to change anything in this case.

Probable fear is obvious that money can become even smaller than it is now, and therefore this social

class never really aspires to change something in its financial position.

In contrast, there are people with high incomes, who can put money above any other goals in life. If a person has achieved self-sufficiency himself, and has not received a large amount of inheritance, then he will assign a really big role to money, he creates from them a kind of idea.

Such people are very successful financially and can significantly outstrip many in their income.

All of the above only describes the situation of different social classes, but does not explain how you can raise money or at least slightly shift your financial situation for the better.

If to speak in general, then you can achieve success only by beginning to change yourself and your attitude to many things in the world. Somehow influencing your mind can be a really difficult task, but you need to try to reconsider your views on money.

Stop chasing them every second of their lives or avoid any contact with them. It is very important to enrich yourself in thoughts, to adjust to a positive way, to believe and strive for success. And most importantly – to love money, to find a middle ground.

And it is then that you can feel their reciprocal feelings.

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Man and money