Why we live

Probably, you had to hear the phrase “Life to live – not a field to cross”? This winged expression contains the age-old question of the meaning of life. “Why do I live?” – the person asks himself, remembering the past or thinking about the future, disappointed or lost faith, tired or in despair… Most of you, dear sixth graders, to answer this question, will think about the future. This is understandable, because you are only 11-12 years old. Although, is it really so little you know about life to just dream about it? Do not rush to answer.

People have always thought about the meaning of life. Scientists-philosophers, analyzing the legacy works left to us from previous generations, reflecting on the meaning of life, came to the conclusion that the generally accepted answer to the question “Why do we live?” does not exist. In the same way as there is no common recipe for happiness. After all, blotting out life is the most common

goal. For some, the meaning of life is in one’s own happiness or the happiness of the family. The other sees the meaning of life in selfless service to the common good. There are also a lot of people who think all their thoughts and energy to achieve their own well-being or to move up the career ladder. Thus, each person, choosing a goal for himself, can take place as a person only when acting accordingly to this goal. Meanwhile, reflecting on the meaning of life, should listen to the opinions of others. In order not to be mistaken, it is worthwhile to relate your reflections to your moral attitudes. Here are some of them: “A good cause nourishes both the mind and the body,” “Everyone will receive a reward for their work,” “Do not build your house on the sand,” “What measure you measure, this one will be measured to you.”

Observance of these rules helps to avoid situations when a person under the onslaught of life circumstances begins to assess their previous desires and deeds as small or even incorrect, which makes them feel extremely disappointed and devastated.

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Why we live