“Starry sky” composition

“Starry sky” composition

Since ancient times, the starry sky attracted the human eye. It caused people to make us dream about the unattainable. The night sky strewn with stars filled the souls of poets with trepidation and inspired the creation of beautiful poems and songs. Artists have repeatedly depicted him on their canvases.

And how could this bottomless, depth of billions of lights not attract you? People learned to distinguish a group of celestial bodies (constellations) among the star placer and gave them names. Usually their names sound very poetic. But to draw a parallel between the name and appearance of the constellation is very difficult. For example, the Big Bear looks like a bucket, and not a bear.

And people have learned to predict the future through the starry sky. Not everyone believes this, but, nevertheless, there is a whole science called astrology. There are twelve signs of the zodiac, and some believe that they affect our lives.

Personally, I like to watch the starry sky, especially in August, when meteorites fly by the Earth, it seems like stars are falling. At this moment, you can try to make a secret desire, but I have never had time.

It is best to see the star cluster outside the city. There, where do not interfere with hundreds of lights and high-rise buildings. Sitting by the fire at night, it is very pleasant to look at the stars and to lead a leisurely conversation. At such moments it seems that you are joining in to something great, becoming a part of it. But in the worries of everyday life, we often forget about it.

Many sages tried to achieve harmony with the universe. After all, the stars existed long before us and will last long after we are no more. It’s eternity, it’s depth and immensity. I do not think there is such a person who managed to understand their secrets, but perhaps one of the great ones could look into this veil?

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“Starry sky” composition