Composition “Summer Thunderstorm”

A fascinating essay about the storm tells the reader about the uncontrollable force of the natural elements, suddenly torn off by a hurricane wind, thunderous roar of thunder and dazzling lightning of lightning piercing the sky with fiery arrows. After an abundant rain, the washed streets and parks pleased the townspeople with the freshness of the autumn fragrances and the brightness of the flying foliage.

The heat of the last days seemed to burn the city. The grass was rather like hay. The crowns of the trees hung saggingly languid, dusty-malachite leaves. Slippers of rare passers-by stuck to the hot asphalt. In the burning heat, there was a depressing and some disturbing silence in the air. Even the chirping of birds did not break her. By noon, when the sun came to the zenith, the streets of the city were emptied completely.

Suddenly something changed imperceptibly. Screams clapped, poplars clinging, crows and restlessly zakirakali flocks of sparrows, bathing in the roadside

dust. The bright, sunlight began to fade, and the blue of the sky acquired a purple hue. Storm clouds ragged around the sky, driven by a hurricane wind. They collided with each other, sparkling with dazzling flashes of lightning. After that the rumbling rumbled, and then the thunder barked.

The torrential streams of rain poured in. The gloomy, gray haze swallowed the city. Rare, passing cars were forced to stop at the roadside, including emergency lighting. The downpour promised to be protracted and plentiful. It seemed that the round caps of trees were about to break away from the trunks and would roll huge balls along the sidewalks, driven by an unrestrained, gusty wind.

Only in the evening the summer storm began to subside. The thunder rumbled away, grumbling discontentedly. Arrows of rare lightning left the horizon. The tired wind drove lazily the last clouds from the sky. One by one, the sun beams appeared and lit the soaked crowns of trees with sparkling, brilliant gleams. In a mirror image of a wet asphalt, sunburns tumbled.

City squares were filled with people. The evening air smelled of freshness and the aroma of flower beds. The summer thunderstorm gave life-giving moisture not only to the nature of the native land. but also our hearts.

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Composition “Summer Thunderstorm”