Nobility composition

To prove that the nobility of a person is determined not by position and not by noble origin, is hardly worth it.

At the heart of nobility, above all, lies a high understanding of honor and duty. The code of a noble person includes such concepts as honesty, straightforwardness, courage, principledness, perseverance and at the same time – humanity, the ability to spare the weak, to be above small things, to be able to sacrifice one’s own interests in favor of others.

Nobility is when you do good unnoticed, not for recognition and rewards. I’m sure of it.

There are people who confuse nobility with an external beautiful pose, with arrogance, conceit. Any comment in their address they perceive as an insult to their own honor. A man capable of a noble deed, having a sense of dignity, is the hardest thing to offend or insult.

Recognize your mistake, apologize, if you are guilty, do not be afraid to get into a stupid or difficult position for the sake of a good deed – this does not mean giving up your own dignity, which means doing generously. But if you are skeptical about manifesting disinterestedness, you have something to ponder.

I am convinced: true nobility is invulnerable to the smallest details of life. It is necessary, under all circumstances, to remain an unshakable, honest, generous and unselfish person.

I hope to become an honest person, doing unselfish deeds. I have someone to take an example.

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Nobility composition