“Harmony of man and nature” composition

Human life is inextricably linked with the native nature, with the earth. The Earth is our nurse. A person lives and works on it, shares joy and sorrow with her. Sometimes you want to walk in a quiet step, peering at each bump, every blade of grass, every birch tree. Many of our earth experienced spring rains, which sowed sown grain, winter snowstorms, which covered the snow with snow fields and forests. How much the earth has gone through with a man of joy and how much pain is delivered to her soulless people who do evil deeds! Everything can make a native land for a person. She can feed her bread, drink clean water, surprise her with beauty. But she can not protect herself.

Defending your native land is a sacred duty of all. We all are responsible for nature before descendants, before history. Man is a part of nature. Sometimes he puts himself stronger and higher than nature. Is he allowed to do so? One should never forget that a person is a senior in reason, and he must take

care of everything in the world. Today, one of the important problems is the threat of an ecological catastrophe.

It is no accident that many people are sounding the alarm, trying to warn us that a person is a part of nature and destroying it, he destroys himself. Man devastates the depths of the earth, cuts down forests, throws into the atmosphere a huge amount of harmful chemicals. And at the same time he drinks polluted water, eats food grown on poisoned earth. We rarely think about how all this will affect our health and the health of future generations. We are not interested in the question of whether natural resources will last long enough for such intensive use. After all, people can not live without clean air, clean water, fresh greens, even without communication with animals and birds. And in the pursuit of money, many animals are exterminated, rare plants are destroyed.

Scientists of different specialties note with alarm that the animal and plant world on our planet is getting poorer. Many species of plants and animals have already disappeared on Earth.

We sometimes forget that nature is

also a source of inspiration. Imagine a poet who never heard the singing of birds and the murmur of a stream, did not admire the sunrise or sunset, the beauty of a flower. Yes, probably, the poet will not become a true poet, if he can not love nature, he can not be surprised and admire it in the same way as N. Rylenkov did. He believed that nature and man are inseparable, but one must remember that

She will give us everything: take it, but do not freak

A well-known beauty for vain pursuits…

And he wants to be alone with nature,

How to look into the eyes of your teacher.

There is no doubt that the material losses resulting from the barbaric treatment of nature can be calculated. It is much more difficult to calculate the spiritual losses that affect the character of people, their thinking, their attitude to the world around them and to their own kind. Man destroys nature with his own hands. He destroys everything he sees, what he likes best. But the attitude to nature, to the earth determines the spiritual level of people.

A non-spiritual attitude toward life, when a person lives on the principle of “after us at least a flood,” selfishness, indifference can lead to spiritual degradation.

Each of us should be not only a master, but also a true friend of nature. And only then she will be able to open her pantries, give her health, give everything necessary for a person. The idea that a person should not fight against nature, that she is not an enemy to him, because he himself is a part of it, has now become evident. N. N. Rylenkov correctly noted:

Struggle with nature? No, I’m scared to hear this.

The struggle is waged with the enemy, and nature is our mother.

By love for her, that light source is kindled in us,

Which many mysteries helped us to solve.

The harmony of man and nature is an indispensable condition for the continuation of life on Earth. This harmony helps in our days to resist the destructive onslaught on the human soul of hatred, cruelty, indifference.

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“Harmony of man and nature” composition