Man is not created in order to suffer defeat

Composition on literature According to E. Hemingway’s story “The Old Man and the Sea,” Hemingway is one of the most popular writers of the 20th century. Even during his lifetime, he became a legendary man. Writer Hemingway was a journalist, a military correspondent in five wars. Interestingly, Hemingway was known to those who had never been acquainted with his work, in our country in many houses one could see a photo of a bearded man with a high forehead and a clear glance: it was Ernest Hemingway at the zenith of his glory. “The Old Man and the Sea” – a story for which the writer received in 1953 the Nobel Prize. She made a revolution in literature on a world scale. The story, at first glance, is very simple – the parable of the fisherman Santiago. But under the pen of Hemingway it turned into a real masterpiece, which is destined for a long life. The protagonist of the story is the old fisherman Santiago – a poor, lonely man. He lived

in a hut built of palm leaves, there was a table, a chair and an earthen hearth. However, the old man’s life was not so miserable. He was sent dreams, in which he sees his homeland, her “golden shores, high white mountains.”

The fate of Santiago is closely connected with the sea, which provides him with a modest existence. But the sea does not give anything away. To survive, you need to work hard and hard. Between the sea and the coast, the old man’s life goes on year after year. Many trials fell on him, but the heart of Santiago is always open to the inhabitants of the sea – living beings who, like him, are a part of the vast world. It is clear that if it were not for the brutal struggle for existence, there would be no need to destroy the fish, procuring it for food.

But the old man always thought of the sea, as a living being, capable of both settling down and becoming agitated. The next test has already prepared the fisherman native marine element. Santiago has for a long time to fight with a huge fish, which hit him on the hook. It is the struggle of the old fisherman with

the huge fish that, in my opinion, is the main idea of ​​the story. It was then that we saw Santiago in all the majesty of his simple soul: “Man was not created in order to suffer defeat.” A person can be destroyed, but not defeated. ” In fact, such courage does not bring happiness to a person: sharks ate fish, and a lonely feat left the old Santiago with only a feeling of fatigue, crippled hands and deep sleep until the next day, when again you need to go out to sea for another fishing.

Santiago can not be considered an individualist who has retired in his wisdom and courage. During fishing, the old man often recalls his little friend – Manolino, the boy whom he taught fishing business, and in general had much in common with him. The old man wanted to always have Manolino next to him, and when the tired fisherman slept after the battle with the sea, the boy was near.

The presence of Manolino in the life of the old man somehow brightened up the loneliness. One of the main problems that Ernest Hemingway decides was the problem of happiness in the context of finding the meaning of life. Santiago is a pessimist who has no illusions, and if happiness were sold, maybe he would have bought it, but for what money, how much is it measured, in what currency? One can understand that Hemingway has a similar point of view. Indeed, the writer could not free himself from the web of contradictions of being and committed suicide. Can this be considered a loss of the legendary human being Ernest Hemingway? In my opinion, the writer acted as an individualist. The Nobel Prize in Literature is awarded to those who, in their creative work, have achieved an exceptional understanding of mankind and the world. Who knows how much more we will discover for ourselves,

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Man is not created in order to suffer defeat