Murder of Yesenin

In the magazine “Miracles and Adventures”, a letter from retired military Viktor Titarenko from the Khabarovsk Territory was published, in which he told about his conversation in the mid-1970s with former prisoner Nikolai Leontyev. According to him, in 1925 he served in the OGPU with Blumkin.

Once Blumkin received an order from Trotsky to adequately punish physically Yesenin. The Chekists planned to deprive the poet of masculinity and seemingly joking began to pull off his trousers. The poet grabbed a copper candlestick and hit them on the head of Blumkin. He fell unconscious, and scared Leontiev snatched the revolver and fired at Yesenin. Titarenko says that Blumkin, waking up, struck the hilt of the revolver in Yesenin’s forehead, and then contacted Trotsky and agreed with him on the staging of suicide and on measures to eliminate bloody tracks. A few days later Nikolai Leontiev was sent to the Far East for an underground job at the headquarters of Ataman Semyonov.


after the war, he received a 25-year sentence for treason against the Chekist case. It is difficult to rely on one letter for reasoning. But in the picture of V. Svarog made on the morning of December 28, 1925, the poet’s trousers are unbuttoned and lowered. The artist also reports that he noticed signs of struggle in the room and a lot of villi from the carpet on his shirt and in the poet’s hair. V. Svarog even then suggested that Yesenin after the murder was wrapped in a carpet.

It was not easy to live in the USSR in 1923-1925. Trotsky considered murder to be a justified means of asserting the communist idea. “We must,” he wrote, “turn Russia into a desert inhabited by white negroes, to which we will give a tyranny that even the inhabitants of the East never dreamed of. With the blood baths we will bring the Russian intelligentsia to utter stupefaction, to idiocy, to the animal state. “Yesenin, it seems, knew that he was interfering with the plan:

And the first I need to hang, Cross my hands behind my back, For that song Hateful and sick I prevented me from sleeping Native land.

It is also known that in the last years of the poet’s life the authorities subjected him to a massive psychological persecution. The truth about the death of the last poet of the village will be revealed only together with the archives of the NKVD (FSB).

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Murder of Yesenin