The composition “Do not let the soul be lazy”

NA Zabolotsky entered the literature as a poet reflecting, a poet-philosopher. His work is very diverse in subject. In his poems he constantly reminds about the necessity and importance of persistent work on oneself. According to the poet’s deep conviction, the world in the process of its development will gradually rise to higher and higher levels of the reasonable and conscious. Faith in the triumph of reason, the triumph of life, many works of the author permeate its development. One of them is the poem “Do not let the soul be lazy.” The poet tries to convey to the reader the main idea: the soul must work: Zabolotsky is firmly convinced that one should not spend time in inaction, not fit to “sleep in bed under the light of the morning star.”

He says that as soon as you allow yourself to relax, give your soul indulgence, you will free it from labor, from moving forward, so immediately laziness will take you above: She’s the last shirt With

no mercy you will rip. Man develops only in labor, in trials, in struggle, in the desire to learn as much as possible in this world. Only then does he move forward, only then can he achieve something in life. To become a worthy person, One must learn, acquire new knowledge and skills. But knowledge and skills do not come by themselves. Therefore it is necessary to constantly work on yourself, develop your mind and your soul, make them work, “teach and torment until darkness.”

Reading this poem by NA Zabolotsky, we begin to be convinced of the justice and correctness of the poet’s instructions. We begin to understand that the soul is our “slave and queen”. Indeed, we can make it work, we can keep it in constant movement and striving forward, driving it “along the wasteland, along the windbreak, through the snowdrift, through the bump.” And then we will temper ourselves, we will temper our soul, become real people and be proud of ourselves, our lives. We will rise to a higher level of development and make our contribution to the improvement of the whole world. But maybe the other way around. Our soul, if we allow it, can become a queen.

And then already laziness and indifference will prevail over us, they will manage our life. And we will stand in our development on the spot, “pound the water in a mortar”, and maybe, we will roll down. That in order that this does not happen, and it is necessary to be able to control your soul. She has to work day and night, and day and night!

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The composition “Do not let the soul be lazy”