How a person should treat nature

I believe that people should not treat nature as it is now. Probably we all know how much damage is caused by deforestation, drainage of swamps, pollution of water bodies.

A person often throws trash into ponds, rivers, lakes, oceans and seas. Even when a person throws garbage near the water, it is washed away by tides, floods, rain and waves.

Still people often build factories near the rivers. Harmful substances from plants fall into rivers, fish and animal drinkers are poisoned in rivers. But then a man catches these most poisoned fish and sick animals, in consequence he himself is poisoned by them.

A person does not rarely consider himself a king of nature, but it is not! Man is the son of nature, who should protect it, not destroy it. And how much damage does deforestation bring, people are careless about it. Due to the disappearance of the forest, some species of animals are killed.

And after all, someday, humankind will understand how much harm they have done to their planet. But they will not perish because of meteorites and aliens, but because of their own not humanity.

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How a person should treat nature