Composition on the theme of birds

Composition on the theme of birds

On the street it was warm,
Snow would soon turn into water,
And, forgetting about the cold of the past, the
songs are joyful birds.
(M. Kryukov)

The icicles have sunk in the sunlight, weeping with joyful tears in anticipation of the warm spring days. The forest awakens from hibernation, the lake is removed ice clothes, preparing for the return of migratory birds. And on the glades appeared the first thawed patches, and on them the rooks are already stepping ranks, picking in the thawed earth in search of worms and larvae. Gleaming black with a blue plumage, and a bright spot stands out on a resin background white beak. Rooks do not wait until the land is completely freed from the snow cover, they are not frightened by the cold and rare night frosts.


returned early to return birds. Well, if people took care of funny mockingbirds and prepared cozy birdhouses. Arriving birds rush to occupy vacant houses, because by the end of April, noisy starlings have offspring. Birds with a pearly crippling fuss are fussing in the dry last year’s foliage, choosing the larvae of insects and earthworms that have been wintering in secluded places.

In April, when the spring is already at its height, when night frosts are forgotten, the forest ptahs of the wagtail return to their native land, ready to feast on the flies warming in the spring rays of the sun and intoxicated with spring air. They are followed by hemp, finches and larks. In the fields for them, there were many last year’s seeds.

Finally, they waited for their inhabitants of the lake and swamp. Waterfowl, flapping their wings happily, flooded the water. And in the sky, there are endless rows of ducks, geese and cranes. Until the middle of May, you can hear an excited flicker returning to the homeland of the birds.

Among the winged population there are no small feathers, swifts and swallows. These heat-loving birds will return to their native penates, when the spring will pass the baton to the hot summer days. But what is surprising, in mid-May in urban parks you can already hear the singing of

a nightingale. These birds with amazing voices arrive from distant equatorial countries, where they waited for severe northern frosts. In their spring songs, there is a story about hot African expanses.

It would seem that more recently the earth was covered with fluffy snow, and now sticky leaves have turned on poplars, helping to hide tiny ptahs from bloodthirsty predators. There was no trace left of the ice cover of the lakes. In clear water you can see how the paws work with greenish-purple drakes. But a few months will pass, the cold winds will again blow out, the birds will be removed to distant lands, and only memories will remain about the hot summer.

Composition on the theme of birds