Description of the guy’s appearance

What is the main thing in the description?

The main task in writing such a composition is to notice something interesting, unusual, original in the described subject. This may be due to the peculiarities of gestures, gait, look, occupation and kind of activity, with a certain mood and personality traits of a person. All this is reflected in the appearance of the subject. What is the difference between a painter and a photographer? He aims to convey the most significant, in his opinion, in man. The schoolboy, too, should not talk about everything, but only about what, from his point of view, singles out this personality from the crowd, testifies to its originality, best describes it. The description of the person should be interesting. This is a very important point.

Why make descriptions useful?

Work on the description of the person is bearing fruit: the student becomes more attentive, sensitive to people, his vocabulary is supplemented with “portrait”

words, which he used almost never in conversation. In the course of the creative process, students understand how, through a story about appearance, one can convey information about the soul of a person, express their own opinion about him. Among other things, describing the appearance of a subject, the student prepares to create works of character. This will help him in the future. It is necessary to understand that the description of a person requires a serious approach. You should not treat him as something of little importance.

What can seem difficult?

Descriptions can be either complex or simple. Everything depends on what they are created for and who is their hero. Of course, it is easier to describe the appearance of a child or adolescent than a mature person. It is difficult to tell about the appearance of a subject who is in some unusual state – when he is afraid, laughing, surprised, working, hurrying, etc. The main thing that is necessary in this case (and that is not obtained by all students) is to convey changes in appearance person at this time. This really seems to many to be difficult.

Let us consider examples of the description of man.

Example of a composition: a description of a younger sister

“My little sister’s name is Tanya, now she’s a year and seven months old.” Not so long ago, Tanya was still a tiny creature that constantly demanded something: then to hands, then to sleep, then to eat. “The baby often burst into tears, painfully reacted to sharp sounds Her expression was peaceful only at those moments when she was sleepy, then Tanya looked like a doll lying in a carriage: ruddy cheeks, open lips, relaxed legs and hands. “

This description of the person makes it possible to clearly imagine a little girl.

“Time passed, and now the ruddy doll has grown, now she willingly goes to contact with others and is obviously positive to them.” Tanya is an independent girl who can not yet fully help around the house, but now she wants to take some of the things herself. The girl always rejoices at the arrival of guests, she shows off her dolls, and everyone who visits our humble dwelling admires it.

Now Tanechka has charming blue eyes, thick dark little cilia, puffy lips, slightly raised edges. Hair is still quite short, but you can already collect them in tails. Their color is light-red. It can be said that this is a characteristic description of a Russian person, in this case, a girl. Tanya has a huge number of all sorts of rubberies. The girl really likes it when she is braided. Now she has a thin sarafan of lemon color. She has shoes on her legs. It is necessary in order to prevent the development of flat feet. Baby is a fashionista. She loves to put on my shoes and clothes. I have a wonderful sister, the whole family has no soul in her. “

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Description of the guy’s appearance