Biography of Gogol

Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol – a classic of Russian literature, writer, playwright, publicist, critic. The most important works of Gogol are: the collection “Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka”, dedicated to the customs and traditions of the Ukrainian people, as well as the greatest poem “Dead Souls”.

Childhood and youth of the writer

Born March 20, 1809 in the village Sorochintsy Poltava province in the family landlord. Gogol was the third child, and there were 12 children in the family.

Training in the biography of Gogol was held in the Poltava School. Then in 1821 he entered the class of the Nezhinskaya Gymnasium, where he studied justice. In his school years, the writer was not very special in his studies. Well he was given only lessons in drawing and studying Russian literature. He could only write mediocre works.

The beginning of the literary path

In 1828 in the life of Gogol there was a transfer to Petersburg. There

he served as an official, tried to get a job as an actor and studied literature. Acting career did not go well, and the service did not bring pleasure to Gogol, and sometimes even burdened. And the writer decided to prove himself in the literary field.

The work of Gogol “Basavryuk” was published first. Later, the story was reworked in “Evening on the eve of Ivan Kupala.” It was she who gave the writer fame. After all, before this creativity did not bring success to Gogol.

Gogol’s stories “The Night Before Christmas”, “May Night”, “Sorochinskaya Fair”, “Terrible Revenge” and others from the same cycle poetically recreate the image of Ukraine. Also, Ukraine was widely described in Gogol’s “Taras Bulba”.

In 1831, Gogol acquainted with representatives of the literary circles of Zhukovsky and Pushkin, undeniably these acquaintances greatly influenced his future destiny and literary activity.

Gogol and the theater

Interest in the theater of Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol was manifested in his youth,

after the death of his father, a remarkable playwright and narrator.

Realizing the full power of the theater, Gogol started drama. Gogol’s work “The Inspector General” was written in 1835, and in 1836 it was delivered for the first time. Due to the negative reaction of the public to the production of “The Inspector General”, the writer leaves the country.

Last years of life

In 1836 in the biography of Nikolai Gogol were made trips to Switzerland, Germany, Italy, as well as a short stay in Paris. Then, from March 1837, in Rome, work continued on the first volume of Gogol’s greatest work Dead Souls, which was conceived by the author in St. Petersburg. After returning to his homeland from Rome, the writer publishes the first volume of the poem. During the work on the second volume, Gogol faced a spiritual crisis. Even a trip to Jerusalem did not help to improve the situation.

In early 1843 was first published Gogol’s famous story “Overcoat.”

On the night of February 11, 1852, Gogol burned the second volume, and on February 21 died.

Interesting Facts
    The writer was fond of mysticism and religion. The most mysterious work of Gogol is the story “Viy”, created, according to the author himself, on the basis of the national Ukrainian giving. However, literary critics and historians still can not find evidence for this, which points to the exclusive authorship of the writer-hoaxer. It is also believed that a few days before his death, the great writer burned the second volume of Dead Souls. Some scientists consider this an unreliable fact, but no one will ever know the truth. Until now, it is not known for sure how the writer died. One of the main versions says that Gogol was buried alive. Proof of this was the change in the position of his body during the reburial.

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Biography of Gogol