Labor feeds, and laziness spoils

Labor feeds, and laziness spoils

Every morning people start from work. The school boy sits at the desk, the driver climbs into the cabin, the worker gets to the machine. The student takes the book, because reading is also work. An office employee includes a computer, a businessman calls by phone, a housewife lights a stove, and a fisherman goes to sea. No one is left without business. All because labor is a natural occupation of man.

Labor provides a means of livelihood. Everything that a man has achieved, he achieved through labor. Cozy houses, beautiful clothes, delicious food, interesting entertainment – all these are the fruits of human labor.

In addition, it is not for nothing that they say that labor ennobles a person. Of course, this should be work for the soul, which brings joy. The person who works, feels vigorous and energetic, looks fit. “The sun paints the earth, but man labor” – such a saying goes among the people.

In an industrious personality, abilities and talents do not vanish in vain. It acquires the authority and respect of others. “People are famous for their work” – that’s what they say about it.

It is easy to distinguish an active person from a lazy person. Since it is unnatural for a person to do nothing, the lazy and idle himself will not find a place. He will miss and “kill time.” He will even get bored of eating someday.

In the works of Russian classics nobles are described who did not have to work, but they did not become happier. They did not know where to apply themselves. “Where there is work, there is joy,” says the proverb, and the idler of this joy is deprived.

Let each of us find a work that suits him, and then his personality will develop.

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Labor feeds, and laziness spoils