“Veterans of the Great Patriotic War” composition

Every year, there are fewer and fewer people we should be grateful for today. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War are those people who saved our land, saved all our family and Slavic civilization, and we must always remember the feat of these people. Despite the fact that those war veterans who still live are old and look accordingly, there is no doubt that in their souls they are young, much younger than many of those who are physically young today.

As we all know well, the great victory over the German fascist invaders from the west has become for our country simultaneously and the greatest tragedy. Many people died from the bullets of the enemy, a huge number fell victim through other woes of the war, we must remember about this tragedy and honor the memory of the deceased good word. It is only to be surprised if we imagine that today everyone would be waiting for us, if we then did not win our heroic grandfathers with grandmothers. We can assume that there would not have been

any of us, it would be awful and almost impossible to imagine with calmness. Of course, it remains to be only very pleased and grateful to those people who simply did not allow this grief.

Expressions of gratitude to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War may be different. You are lucky if you still have a grandfather or grandmother who took part in those events, and in their person you can congratulate on this anniversary a great all veteran. But even if you already do not have such a person or never existed, you can just go out on May 9, find someone who really participated in those events, and congratulate him from the heart. Make it best with flowers.

We can admire our veterans without stopping. These are great people who were able to overcome what we contemporaries could never cope with. Thanks to this feat, these people will forever remain a young soul and healthy sense. Veterans every year is getting smaller and smaller, but those of them who survived are worthy not only of the most sincere gratitude for their great deeds, but also listening to their advice. The current situation in our country

is extremely far from ideal, we have many unresolved problems. I think that it would be quite possible to involve veterans in solving problems, to consult with them, how to be and what to do in this country.

No matter how the present was developing, we should always remember the great feat of our veterans. These people are always young, they need to be listened to even today, when the country seems to be reasonable leaders. Nobody can be smarter and more experienced than veterans, they need to be listened to.

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“Veterans of the Great Patriotic War” composition