The Tale of Love

Romantic novel “Scarlet Sails” – one of the best works of Alexander Green. The path to the creation of this story was long. The author repeatedly changed and rewrote the text, while he achieved the desired. He sought to create an ideal world where beautiful characters live and where love, a dream, a fairy tale are able to defeat rudeness and callousness. And he achieved his goal. The writer described “extraordinary circumstances in which something decisive was to be accomplished.” “Scarlet Sails” is a fairy tale about poetic love, about the all-conquering sublime dream.

The life of the heroine of the story, young Assol, is rather unhappy: she did not have girlfriends, the children avoided her, and adults tolerated her dislike for her father. The girl laughed and insulted her. But the kindly Longren encouraged his daughter: “Eh, Assol,” he said, “do they know how to love? You must be able to love, but this they can not.”

And he took the girl in his arms and kissed him tightly.

Under the influence of her father, who adored her, Assol created a dream world in which everything was fine, all people were kind and loved each other. And once in the woods, fascinated by the game with a toy ship and the story itself, she accidentally met a stranger who introduced himself as “the most important wizard” and told her an incredible story about what awaits her in the future. “One morning in the sea, under the sun, a scarlet sail flashes.

The shining bulk of the red sails of the white ship will move, dissecting the waves, directly to you. Then you will see a brave handsome prince. “Hello, Assol,” he will say, “Far and far from here I saw you in a dream and came to take you forever to your kingdom, and you will go away forever to the glorious land where the sun rises and where the stars will come down from heaven to congratulate you with the arrival. ” And the girl believed a mysterious wizard. And all subsequent years continued to live with this faith and wait for her prince to come after

her. She waited, not paying attention to laughter, bantering and mocking people.

And at that time, somewhere far away, a boy grew up dreaming to become a captain and yet did not know that he was destined to fulfill the dream of the whole life of one beautiful girl. Gray also lived in his beautiful world. He dreamed of the sea, lived this dream, which for him was the only possible happiness, combining “danger, risk, the power of nature, the light of a distant country, wonderful uncertainty, flickering love, blooming by meeting and separation, the fascinating boiling of meetings, persons, events immense variety of life. “

So they lived for long seven years, lived each their own dreams, not knowing that they gradually meet each other. And, of course, one day the day came when they met. Gray saw a girl sleeping in the shadows of the branches, and “everything was up and all was grinning in it.” She immediately captivated the heart of the young man, and, succumbing to his feelings, he took off his ring from his finger and carefully put it on the little finger Assol. The girl did not feel anything. But, waking up and finding a ring on her finger, she no longer doubted that it belonged to her prince. Meanwhile, Gray accidentally found out about the girl’s dream, and it pushed him to action.

With an unprecedented inspiration he took up the embodiment of his idea – and a few days later a beautiful ship with scarlet sails was ready to take on its board the most important jewel.

Gray embodied Assol’s dream and achieved his own happiness. He knew that his happiness was this beautiful girl who helped him understand the truth. And the truth is, “to do so-called miracles with your own hands.” Thanks to the power of love, sincere belief in their dream, two people joined in one destiny, which now will forever be preserved for them “in the scarlet glint of sails created by the depth of the heart, who knows what love is”.

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The Tale of Love