Composition on “The description of a friend”

I have many friends and comrades: in school, in the yard, in the football section, where I do business. And Marat is the best friend among them. We live with him in one yard and study in the same class. However, behind one desk Marat and I do not sit. Teachers sit us down so that we do not distract each other in class.

My friend has dark hair, brown eyes. He is thin and slightly below me, although we are peers. But at the same time, Marat is strong, hardy and does not complain about the athletic form.

We have been friends with Marat for four years. Together we play football and basketball. We ride bicycles to the river and catch fish there. When my parents go to a picnic, we take Marat with us, and vice versa. Another friend of mine comes to me to play computer games and sit on the Internet, because his Internet is not held at home.

Marat is a kind and cheerful boy, he is always cheerful and in a good mood. With his jokes, he knows how to cheer me and his other comrades. Marat is good at telling anecdotes and funny stories.

Marat remains a good friend not only in games, but also in trouble. Therefore, I decided to write a composition about a real friend about him, and not about someone else. It’s this guy who always helps me, and not just when I ask. Often Marat sees that I myself can not cope with something. Then he, without waiting for a request, hastens to help or give useful advice.

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Composition on “The description of a friend”