Composition on the theme “City of Moscow”

Moscow… a beautiful name for a beautiful city.

The feeling that I feel when I say this word, is closer to excitement… I do not know how you imagine this city, but when I talk about it, I remember only the transitions. Transitions like the Moscow sick veins… There are always a lot of people around who are always in a hurry somewhere. They even kiss quickly-quickly, as if afraid to lose time.

I love Moscow for its pedestrianized sidewalks and squares, for a huge number of cars and foreigners. I love her for what other people hate her.

The city, first of all, is its inhabitants. The inhabitants of Moscow are as colorful as the population of the whole of Russia. This is a kind of “human cauldron”, very quickly digesting any person. What different people lose their faces… Moscow is a world of intertwining, in which absolutely different people get along: bankers, businessmen and… just talents.

Probably, for the past 50 years,

this city has been and remains a symbol of success, vanity and “well-fed” life, according to the majority of Russian inhabitants. What provincial does not dream of having a view from the window to the Kremlin? Moscow is a “fairytale city of opportunities” for the provincials and “a harsh city of realities” for the residents of Moscow. A beautiful cover certainly attracts. The first look at this city fully corresponds to this burning feeling. Monumentality of architecture, known for numerous images of the place, the scale of the territory, the width of avenues and streets. All this is impressive. Here it is, the capital! Everything is fundamental, everything is “grown-up.” People, like moths, fly to the light – to Moscow, but many, as a rule, painfully burned. In this “lottery” you get everything or nothing.

Moscow, in fact, is a separate state with its own, special mentality. It is an island of wealth and progress. Moscow as if exists separately from all Russia. This city has its own laws, its own rules. Even people living in Moscow, some special,

not like others. This is a kind of jungle, in which there are predators.

Yes, you correctly understood me, I severely criticize Moscow, because I love it! This is my city, my Moscow… I love the beauty of old buildings, which “breathe” a centuries-old history, I love for the special rhythm of life. I love Moscow for its diversity. I, as a person impermanent, need a change of impressions, emotions, landscapes and people. I love Moscow for the endless little discoveries. In this city, I constantly discover new streets, new architectural monuments. Moscow, as a huge book, which is completely impossible to read. Today you read one page, and tomorrow completely different, which from the first is separated, maybe a hundred pages. And then you read the third one, which drowned somewhere between the first two. If you skillfully choose places for walks, these leafy pages are rarely repeated, but only sometimes connected by edges, Only partially overlap. And you remember: “Yes, I was here.” I saw the same building on the other side or sat in the same park on another bench and with other people. When you see familiar places, a few “read pages” postponed in consciousness are combined into a single scheme. And in the head is creating a picture of Moscow, not as detailed as a topographic map, but more saturated: emotions, memories and people. And if topographic maps are monotonous and similar, then the cards that are in the minds of each of us are unique. Clots of knowledge and memories of the city on our “maps” are scattered throughout Moscow. On the paper map there are no emotions: each square centimeter contains about as much useful information, as much knowledge about the city, how much and the next square centimeter. The book – Moscow was written by a wide variety of people, from the ancient builders of the Kremlin to our contemporaries. And how wonderful that in one two-hour walk you can follow the whole evolution of architectural monuments, symbols.

Love for Moscow is beyond logic – like all love. Moscow architecture reflects the mores of Moscow itself – drowsy, but continues to surprise the world with its unpredictability.

They say that Moscow is a city where one does not want to return. I’ll say a little differently, Moscow is a city where you want to return, … but not for long – it’s terribly disappointing.

Conquer Moscow is impossible, you can only submit to it…

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Composition on the theme “City of Moscow”