Composition “The Sea”

The sea is a wonderful unpredictable element, it is especially and unique. It can be gentle and quiet or, conversely, with the raging waves. In clear weather, a light breeze creates small waves shimmering with different sparkles under the sun’s rays. The sea is unusually transparent, with blue hues. Looking deep, you can see the seabed with different stones – large and small, interesting shapes and colors. Winding algae create a very beautiful and fascinating sea kingdom, in the transparent sea you can see its inhabitants: fish passing by, jellyfish, starfish.

In bad weather, the sea is violent and fierce. Terrible storms are capable of destroying ships and hampering the voyage of ships.

My first acquaintance with the sea was the most memorable. I was amazed by its endless expanses, the splashing of the sparkling waves and the unique beauty with which it was incomparable. I listened for a long time to the sound of the waves and the singing of seagulls over the water – they seem to have caught prey, sinking very low to the sea. And this year I was lucky to see the sea from a bird’s-eye view for the first time, it left an unforgettable impression, I had never seen such beauty before. The sea is a boundless miracle given to us by nature.

The sea is a delight for millions of poets, musicians and artists, they dedicate whole works to it. In many pictures you can see a smooth sea surface or a raging sea, the unpredictability of the sea is imprinted and the greatest artist Aivazovsky, beautiful poems about the sea were written by such famous poets as FI Tyutchev, IA Bunin, VA Zhukovsky and M. Yu Lermontov.

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Composition “The Sea”