“Description of a classmate” composition

I have a lot of friends in my class. I’m good to all the guys. But there is among them one boy – Alex. This is my best friend. We sit with him at one desk from the first class. We were familiar before the school, so decided to enter the same class.

Alexey has a pleasant appearance. Sometimes, watching the girls of our class, I see how they stare at my best friend. And it’s not spontaneous. He has beautiful, blond hair. He always likes to wear fashionable hairstyles, which he makes a familiar hairdresser.

Lesha has an oval face, with soft contours. The eyes are blue, like a clear sky. The nose is small. Lips are neatly pressed against each other. There are freckles on his face. But there are not many of them at all. You can only look at them if you come close to my friend.

The constitution of Leszek is athletic. He is very fond of sports and except for school lessons he also attends additional sections on football. Therefore, he is always in shape,

easily copes with the regulations and helps the rest of our class.

The successes of his diligence are visible in other subjects. He is always confident, goes to the board and solves every task.

Lyoshka is tall, probably above all the boys in the class, so he always helps the teacher by taking out some books on high shelves and shelves.

Alex likes to wear beautiful, stylish costumes. Parents help him with the choice of the school uniform, therefore, he always comes to the lessons, dressed with taste.

No, he does not stand out from the crowd with any special accents. Just my friend is always neat and tidy. He is very fond of both our classmates and teachers. He has a subtle sense of humor, so he can joke always and everywhere. This quality helps him and in those situations when it is necessary to defuse the heated atmosphere and change the subject for communication between the guys.

How good it is that I have such a wonderful friend who will always help and will never leave in trouble.

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“Description of a classmate” composition