Understand yourself

5 tips: how to understand what you want from life

Who am i? Everyone around is saying that you need to be yourself. But what does this actually mean?

The only way to actually become yourself is to know yourself at a deep, intuitive level. A person is not equivalent to his profession, his family status, and also to the labels that society could hang on him. The true “I” is deeper than all these numerous layers. To know yourself is also to understand what occupation will actually bring joy, and not be a burden. Let’s look at ways to get to the bottom of this truth and answer the question – how do you understand what you want to do in life?

Think for a moment: what gives you the most joy of life?

What do you really enjoy doing? Start to make a list, in which you can include any items – starting with the pleasure of a good dream and ending with watching cartoons. Expand this list, including not only activities, but feelings. For example,

“I like to look at a sleeping child.” Looking at it, you can more accurately draw a picture of your preferences and needs, understand yourself, and also determine what kind of activity will bring you maximum satisfaction.

What are your talents?

It is not necessary to say that you are deprived of God or nature. Everyone has a gift. Just to find them, sometimes it is necessary to dig a little deeper. Maybe you have good crafts for the home, or you can quickly solve Sudoku crossword puzzles. Another way to learn about your talents is to ask yourself: What do I like to learn about the new? Than I am known among my friends?

Create an alternative definition of yourself.

This method will help to speed up the process of personal growth many times. Instead of calling yourself a “smoker”, use the definition of “fighter with a bad habit.” “Loser in communicating with the girls” should be replaced by the expression “relaxed in the presence of a female company guy.”

At first, this process may resemble self-deception. Such a reaction

of the subconscious is absolutely normal. Try to use this method for thirty days. Refuse during this period from the use of old names, stubbornly repeating new ones. Maximum after thirty days your subconscious will be forced to accept a new truth, and it will become real for him.

Make a list of your positive qualities and use them as affirmations.

How do you understand what you want from life? First of all, for this understanding, you need a foundation – a positive attitude towards yourself. This list should include at least ten items. Repeat them is necessary along with the statement that being yourself is safe. For example, such affirmations may sound as follows: “Catherine is safe, I am cheerful, intelligent, cheerful, healthy, rich, creative person.” My qualities help me achieve all my goals. “

Talk to yourself a 99-year-old.

Imagine this conversation with yourself in this advanced age, which has preserved excellent health. Ask questions that interest you. They can be something like this: “What knowledge would you like to convey to me?” What should I concentrate on at the moment? What things can I do and what can affect my life now to the greatest extent? “.

Each person is unique. And each of us carries our unique mission on this earth. When people accept this truth, it becomes easier for them to accept themselves as they are, and also to accept other people. The external influence that will strive to draw a line between who you are and who you want to become will always be. Try to follow these five recommendations, find your own ways, and you will never lose yourself.

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Understand yourself