Composition “The First World War”

July of 1914. The murder of the heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire in Sarajevo stirred Europe. There were several conspirators. And the whole of Serbia is declared war. Germany, the Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary, united, unleash a military campaign against the countries of the Entente coalition – France, England and Russia.

Russia entered the war a few days after its inception, after our tsarist government failed to stop the aggression against Orthodox Serbia. Germany’s Kaiser Wilhelm did not even respond to the protest letter from his nephew Tsar Nicholas II… Britain – after Belgium was captured, whose security guarantor was Britain…

Nothing brought the war of Russia, except grief. At first, there was still talk of a profitable Russia annexing Istanbul, Galicia, control over the strategic strait of the Dardanelles and the Bosporus. The battle went one after another, the Germans were the first to use poison gases, then the tanks joined

the fights… Lice, typhus – and all the belligerents lost enthusiasm. Two years later Germany and Austria-Hungary already asked for peace, but there was no peace now…

Just one day of war. 1916 year. The Battle of the Somme. The first day of July is a blessed time. The ancient pagans advised in these wonderful summer days to conceive children, to give birth to new lives, to love each other. On this very day, the Battle of Somme began, lasting for several months and destroying more than a million soldiers. Only the French lost 21 thousand killed and missing on the same day in early July… Imagine a city in the heart of Russia, a district center. Time – and it’s not… The next morning – again! And the whole area is not…

The horrors of the First World were probably written by all the Russian classics of the Silver Age – Marina Tsvetaeva, Vladislav Khodasevich, Velimir Khlebnikov, Boris Andreev, Alexander Blok…

“There was a louse in the trench,

On the damp earth lying:

“No guys, a cadaverous smell-

This right

is not for me.

I say everything to that –

“ghouls” to us to anything!

It is necessary to do something,

And the “owners” change. “(Yuri Pyatibat)

It is unequivocally believed that the soldiers of the Russian Empire displayed miracles of courage at that time. More than a million of our soldiers and officers were awarded medals and other awards. Much received the “St. George’s Crosses” – the highest military distinction of the country.

The Russian empire lost 4 million people in the First World War in 4 years and 3, 5 months. A total of twenty-two million died… There is a place for self-criticism – again we are ahead of the whole planet. Only a hundred years have passed, and in our country there is no more monument to the fallen and veterans of the First World War. Maybe because of its results, apart from the sad calculation of casualties and losses, there’s nothing to say. Why in general unleashed a war?

What can I say! Already in 1929, the district provincial newspaper in Mariupol printed an ad from Raikromes: “The invalids of the imperial war will not be sent to the resorts.” The invalids of the war will be sent. ” Just a war – it’s civil. The imperialist same is the First World War. In the Russian Empire, it was also called the Great Patriotic War and the Second Patriotic War (after Napoleonic)

Alas, loud laudatory words that the descendants “will forever remember your feat” were more than short-lived. What can be said about the results of the First World War? In Europe, it led to the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, a strong economic crisis in Germany due to reparations imposed on it – payments to the countries affected by German aggression. Was divided and Germany as an empire, the Ottoman Empire collapsed.

The war actually led to the disintegration of the Russian Empire, the separation of Poland and Finland, the Bolshevik revolution, the change of power and the state system in Russia.

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Composition “The First World War”