Indian Tale “How Mice Eat Iron”

Once upon a time there was a rich merchant Naduk. But gradually he went bankrupt. I decided to go to other lands to seek happiness. The only thing that he had left was a large iron beam, highly valued at that time in India. He decided to leave the beam for storage to his friend Lakshmanu.

Three years passed. Naduk again got rich. Returned to his hometown and a few days later he went to Lakshman. When friends had plenty of talk and Naduk was going home, he asked Lakshman about his iron beam. Lakshman was very agitated and said that he had hidden the beam in the closet, and the mice ate it. Naduk shook his head and said that he forgives Lakshmana, since it is not his fault. “By the way,” Naduk said good-bye, “I brought you presents.” And he invited Lakshman’s son to his house to take gifts. There Naduk led Ram to the far room, brought him food and closed the door of the room…

Several hours later, the guy did not return home. Lakshman ran

to Naduk’s house and asked where Rama was. “The terrible happened,” answered Naduk, “when we were walking, a huge eagle grabbed your son and carried away for the clouds.” – “How could an eagle grab a fifteen-year-old boy?” shouted Lakshman.

Neighbors advised them to resolve the dispute in court.

“Your honor,” Lakshman told the judge, “this man stole my son.” Please tell him to return Rama. ” However, Naduk retorted: “I can not do this because Ramu has taken a huge eagle.”

“This is a lie,” said the judge, “an eagle can not take a young man.” But Naduk replied: “If the mice in Lakshmana’s pantry could eat an iron beam, then why can not the eagle take the boy?”

“What is this story with mice?” asked the judge.

And Naduk told about his beam. All the people laughed along with the judge. And Lakshman was very ashamed. The judge ordered Lakshmanu to return the beam to Naduk, and Naduk – to return his son Lakshmanu.

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Indian Tale “How Mice Eat Iron”