Composition on the theme “Wind”

Who am I? I can not be seen or heard. I speak with you in the language of rustling leaves, rippling water in puddles. I am the Wind, I am frivolous and easy on the rise. I am the wings of the night. I accompany her around the world. I tear off the stars from the sky for her and shake the lights. I see everything. I know that the city is two-faced Janus. In the daytime he is modest and unpleasant. Gray color. But at night…

At night everything changes. The city throws off gray tones and its problems, like a veil. In the dark, street lights look at you with a myriad of endless flashes and fading. At night the city was as bright as daylight.

Bright lanterns and garlands create a unique illusion of sunlight framed by a rainbow. This elegant interweaving of light and shadows can be called the eighth wonder of the world. But here the city is left behind. He moves farther away from me and soon turns into a glowing multi-colored lights point. Ahead – the sea. It is my best friend and companion.

When night falls and I get tired of looking at bright and pretentious cities, I’m flying to the sea. I rest there. Just do not tell anyone that I’m sleeping there. After all, everyone is used to the fact that the wind is always at work. I like talking to the sea. If you want, come there in the evening, when the sun tickles the water with a sparkling, golden stripe. I like to ride it. It is very slippery, and the ripples on it look beautiful.

I’m very offended by the sea. You see, I’m fickle and often change my outfit. I’m actually transparent, but on a sunny day I sparkle with gold. In overcast – silver and pale. Then I’m green, like trees, then blue like the morning sky. This is me, inconstant and necessary to all, the Wind.

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Composition on the theme “Wind”