Biography of Neimar

A gifted Brazilian footballer, Neimar, lived up to expectations when he won the title of best player of the year four times in a row by the year 21.

The child prodigy

Neimar da Silva Santos was born on February 5, 1992 in Mogi das Cruzis, São Paulo, Brazil. The son of a former professional football player, Neimar followed in the footsteps of his father playing football in stadiums and in gyms. He joined the youth club “Portughesa Santista” in 1999, and in a few years already became one of the most respected young players of the country.

Rising star

When Neimar was 11 years old, he joined the youth football club “Santos”. Rumors about his abilities came to Europe and when he was 14 years old from the club “Real Madrid” received a proposal for the transition, but the leadership of his club every time offered great bonuses to him to stay.

In 2009, he made his debut for Santos, and having earned the league title

“The Best Young Player”, Neimar became really famous.

He became a full-fledged star in 2010, when his game ensured the victory of the club in the league, and then in the country’s cup. For his game, he received the first of three in a row the title of the most productive player, as well as the first of four consecutive titles “Player of the Year”. In the same year he first came out on the field with a haircut in the style of the Iroquois, which quickly became popular among junior fans.

In 2011, a spectacular striker scored a goal, which “FIFA” recognized the goal of the year, and which led his team to the first in 48 years of victory in the “Cup of Libertadores.” But, in addition to universal glory, Neimar also began to receive and negative in his address. Neimar was criticized for his performance in 2011 at the quarter-finals of the America’s Cup, where his team lost. He was also condemned for an illegitimate child.

In 2012, on his twentieth birthday, Neimar scored the hundredth goal and finished the year with a number of goals equal to 43,

which is the best in his career. Despite the fact that he was the most productive league player three times in a row, he is still criticized for losing the Brazil national team at the Summer Olympics in 2012, when their team lost to an outsider team, the Mexico national football team.

Expanding Horizons

In May 2013, Neimar announced the transition to the European club “Barcelona” – a club that included players such as Argentine star Lionel Messi and several players from the Spanish national football team.

Shortly thereafter, Neimar silenced his critics when in 2013 he helped the Brazilian national team win the Confederations Cup victory. With his game, he showed that he was ready for more in the international arena.

Injury to the World Cup in 2014

Neimar performed remarkably at the World Cup in 2014, he played “on his own territory” – in Brazil, but left shortly before the final. July 4, 2014, a few minutes before the end of the quarterfinal match against the Colombian National Team, weeping from the strongest pain, Neimar was carried off the field on a stretcher. The reason for this was the collision with the Colombian defender Juan Zuñiga, in which Neimar suffered a vertebral fracture. It was reported that Neimar will need several weeks to recover, and therefore he will no longer participate in the World Cup.

The plans of the Brazilian national team to win the World Cup were destroyed when their team lost the German national team in the next quarterfinals with the score 1: 7.


“Both in my personal and in my professional life everything happens too early, and I always study because I have to.”

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Biography of Neimar