“Description of the city” composition

Our city of October is very beautiful and cozy, with wide streets, with high houses, with parks and squares. It is located on the right side of the river IR, on its bank, next to a small artificial lake.

The city has about one hundred and fourteen thousand inhabitants, with theaters, libraries with huge book collections of more than a million books, DDYUT with many circles and sections, a sports palace with sports halls and a swimming pool, recreation and recreation centers, a stadium with seats for ten thousand spectators, the museum of local lore, winter sports facilities. For the children of the city there are nurseries and kindergartens. Almost all children of preschool age have the opportunity to visit special institutions. The city accepts twenty general secondary schools, several vocational colleges, two music schools, a music college and the general technical faculty of the Ufa Oil Institute.

We have a large area. In its center there is a huge flowerbed-flower garden, in which bright flowers blossom in the summer, and on the New Year’s holiday a city tree is set here.

Even in the city there are hotels, restaurants, cafes, many different shops, where you can always buy goods for every taste. Quite popular were the markets and often held fairs. It is interesting to visit the Sabantuy, where competitions are held for running in bags, team tug of war, dangerous climbing on a log for valuable prizes, and others.

Now the city is very fabulous and beautiful. Autumn time has decorated the trees in bright yellow and red colors, so all the streets of the city, where many trees, have become very bright and colorful.

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“Description of the city” composition