Why do I need a semicolon?

A semicolon is a punctuation mark that separates parts of a sentence from each other, not a paired one. Many people use a semicolon only for emoticons, but it has other much more useful roles and uses. Why do I need a semicolon? It is used to divide the sentence into parts when the comma is not enough for this, for example, if there are already too many commas in the sentence.

Why do we need a semicolon in complex sentences? It is needed to separate simple sentences into complex ones, it is used in sentences where there are many commas to avoid confusion. For example: “On the right side the endless blue sea was darkening, on the left there was also a sea that seemed even darker and deeper in the shade of the ship, and only there, in the distance, ahead of the horizon, appeared the coveted thin strip of land.”

Why do I need a semicolon in compound sentences? In complex sentences, a semicolon is put, if it contains fairly complex sentences with a large number

of commas: “All his conscious life he dreamed of being a traveler, exploring distant countries, traveling the whole world, and one day he just collected the most necessary things in a small bag, paid all bills and disappeared without a trace. “

Why the right semicolon in simple sentences? The semicolon is also used to divide homogeneous, highly distributed members of the sentence, especially if there are commas in their composition: “In the miracle shop, all the most unusual things were collected: crystal balls predicting a future for the person when looking at them, colorful tiny birds singing so beautifully that everyone forgot about all their troubles, wallets with small copper coins that never become empty, and so much that captures the spirit. “

Why do I need a semicolon in complex sentences? And one more example of why we need a semicolon is the division of common co-ordinated sentences with commas and they themselves are not connected by an alliance: “Much has changed since he was last in these places, houses have become dilapidated and have become faded, faded from the rains and the scorching sun, people walked through the streets quietly, like mice, reminiscent of the ghosts of themselves. “

So, a semicolon is used in those sentences that have complex constituent parts, and for which separation a comma is no longer sufficient, since confusion may arise.

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Why do I need a semicolon?