The person I want to be like

The old resident of our house, which was built long before the Great Patriotic War, is Anya’s grandmother. She is more than ninety years old. In the courtyard she rarely goes out, but when she appears and sits down on the bench near the entrance, she is joined by both young and elderly women from our house. Grandmother Anya enjoys prestige among the tenants. No one has ever seen her irritated, she is smiling, always friendly, always will give wise advice. Anya’s grandmother is lonely. The husband died long ago; adult children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren live in other cities. Together they gather for the birthday of the elders of the family. The children called her to live with her, but she refused, saying that all of her life had passed in these places, and here she would remain for the rest of her days.

It is clear that it would be difficult for Anne’s grandmother to go for groceries and medicines. And then, there is little that can happen in an apartment

with a lonely elderly person. Who will help her?

And she just has help. Grandmother Anya is visited every day by her patronage sister Ekaterina Ivanovna from the Red Cross Society. “Red Cross” is such an organization. The duties of her employees, including Ekaterina Ivanovna, are to provide medical assistance at home to lonely elderly, infirm people. Ekaterina Ivanovna delivers food and medicine to Anna’s grandmother. On holidays, the visiting patron brings his baked biscuits, cakes, and for the birthday – always a cake. True, this is not the responsibility of the sister. It’s just that Ekaterina Ivanovna is such a compassionate person. By her own free will, she makes Anya’s haircut to Anne’s grandmother, tries to make her clothes look beautiful. In this case, Ekaterina Ivanovna shows her tailoring art. From grandmother Ani, we learned, that she was not the only ward of her sister. It is not by chance that it is called patronage, because “patronage” in the translation from French means patronage.

I would like to be like Ekaterina Ivanovna, have her human qualities: kindness, patience, responsiveness, disinterestedness, willingness to bring help to those who need it.

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The person I want to be like