Protect your native nature

“Take care of your native nature” – how often do we hear these words! But are we pondering the true meaning of them, in their essence? Not always! But how much care about the future is invested in this call!

Native nature is the source not only of clean air and environmentally friendly products, it is also the beauty and the soul of the Motherland. Destruction of clean Russian rivers and lakes, senseless and barbarous cutting down of the boundless, at first glance, Siberian taiga and forests of the European part of our country, air pollution with toxic emissions of numerous chemical plants and heavy industry facilities, soil and air pollution during military tests and exercises, poisonous “precipitation” of aviation fuel – this is far from a complete list of the destructive effects of modern civilization on native nature. And if we do not start the fight against the pollution of nature in time, then we can find ourselves in the middle of a scorched

desert in gas masks in a few decades, because it will be impossible to breathe without them, or even live in spacesuits, like space to protect themselves from radiation. And these are not pessimistic inventions of any science fiction writer, but quite realistic predictions of scientists from the most diverse fields of science: biologists, ecologists, chemists, astrophysicists, meteorologists and many others.

But the native nature is also a thin white-birch birch on a hill among the stacks of freshly cut grass, and a dark spruce forest filled with silence and aroma, and deep crystal waters of Lake Baikal, ice-cold even in the hottest summer, and a thin stream-stream in the Valdai elevations, gradually turning into a great river.

Let us cherish our native nature – each according to our strengths and abilities. And out of our little efforts a powerful river will be born to counteract the thoughtless and self-destructive direction of man’s economic activity! You can not stick to the self-destructive principle “After us, though the flood”! That’s my opinion.

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Protect your native nature