Composition of spring has come

Theme of the essay: Spring mood full of waiting for the awakening of nature from winter sleep. The theme of the work is spring, a description of the early spring months of March, the melting snow of early April, the awakening of the nature of the month of May, the appearance of green grass and the first tender leaves. The forest wakes up, which means spring has come!

There was a long-awaited change: February on the calendar was replaced by the first spring month – March. And this means that the end of snow and severe storms has come, soon it will be possible to forget about frosts and be glad of the coming spring.

The street is still full of drifts, but it’s not for long. Shy at first the rays of the sun will soon come into full force and melt the snow. Along the streets, ringing, cheerful streams will run, precursors of the awakening of nature.

The forest will wake up from the dream, the trees will straighten their branches. The white snow cover, with

which winter covered the nature, disappears under the hot sunlight. The snow will last the longest in the lowlands and ravines, however, sooner or later the sun will get there. Very little time will pass – and from the winter there will be no trace.

Already now, at the very beginning of spring, black earth looks out from under transparent snow. After a while she will wake up completely. And soon he will dress up his green outfit, finally decorating himself and getting ready for a meeting of heat.

Now it is still quiet, but in the very near future migratory birds will return to their homeland from distant warm countries. With their cheerful twitter they will announce the neighborhood, thereby bringing up and hastening the onset of spring.

Young March will cheer up, having washed with thawed water and will get the bright spring paints stored at it. The sun will shine, the greenness of the first grass blades will attract attention. From the snow there will appear timid snowdrops – still tiny and fragile. Gradually, gaining strength, they blossom and it will be finally clear: spring has come.


willow, which will give nature its “snow”, will wake up from sleep. But unlike usual, the Palm “snowballs” will not be cold. Fluffy and warm, they absorb all the tenderness of the coming season to share it with everyone.

The awakened nature will be shaken and will begin to actively prepare to live and enjoy the warmth in the next few months. The insects and birds will drop their sleepy stupor. Animals that have experienced warming will also come out of their shelters.

It is only necessary to wait a little – and the young spring will claim its rights. Gloomy now the forests will be dressed in green foliage and on their branches the birds will sing songs and worm nests. And now let the snow still remain everywhere – it’s not for long. Young and sonorous March will cope with its task. And the first harbingers of the warm season will inform the nature of the changes. Fast streams, ringing and shimmering, will carry the joyful message: “Spring is coming! Spring is the way!”.

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Composition of spring has come