A review of the book

The task is to write an essay-response about any read book (work) according to the plan given in the lesson. Sample review plan: I. Introduction. 1. Title, author. 2. When the acquaintance with the book happened. 3. Formulation of the evaluation of the reading. II. Main part. 1. The plot (briefly). 2. Theme, the idea of ​​the work. What is the importance of the topic in the work? 3. The main characters. How are they behaving? Who liked and why? 4. I liked the episode. III. Conclusion conclusion. What did the book teach? To whom do you recommend reading it? Why?

Composition-a review of the book by V. G. Korolenko “Children of the Underground”.

In the course of the school program I got acquainted with the story of VG Korolenko “Children of the Underground”. A month ago I read this story in awe. It is impossible without excitement to read this book. It is written truthfully, with ardent sympathy and love for unhappy people. “Children of the

Underground” – a story about children’s friendship, about the life of the poor in tsarist Russia. The story “Children of the Underground” was written in 1885 and became one of the first works of VG Korolenko. The main hero of the story – the boy Vasya – during the walk quite by accident gets acquainted with two children, Valik and Marusya, who live in the terrible conditions of the dungeon. As the son of a judge, Vasya is familiar with such a concept as breaking the law. He perfectly mastered the formula “it is not good to steal,” and so the beggars, who earn their living by stealing money, cause him a feeling of contempt. But when he sees the misery of his little friends, he begins to look at things differently. The story ends very sadly: little Marusya dies. I liked the main character of Vasya’s story. He does noble deeds, does not show contempt for those below him in social status, he is kind and compassionate.

In his novella The Children of the Underground VG Korolenko touches on the eternal themes of friendship, love, kindness, compels and sympathizes with children who are forced to endure terrible deprivations from their very birth due to the low social status of the family. The book unfolds the heartless essence of capitalist society. I recommend reading the story “Children of the Underground” not only to classmates, but to all teenagers, especially those who are used to “easy life”.

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A review of the book