Live and learn

I think this is one of the best proverbs. It is no coincidence that the proverb is the wisdom of the people, accumulated over the centuries.

A person is born and immediately begins to learn, first of all, the simplest things: sitting, walking, recognizing Mom and Dad, later learning to cope with need, speak, draw, keep a spoon, behave in society. All this should give the child parents.

Then the child crosses the threshold of the school and stands on the long and thorny path to knowledge. At school, a child is taught not only to read, write, count and live in a society, but also to think, analyze, evaluate, and fantasize. Over time, he forms his own point of view, and he learns to prove it and defend his opinion. In addition to school, parents can give their child to a music, art, sports school, where, in addition to professional skills, he also learns a sense of rhythm, taste, develops an eye, trains strength and endurance. Thus, the horizon of the child expands.


eleven years, an adult, independent person leaves school, but his education does not end there; on the contrary, the next, more significant period of his life begins – five years of the university. Now among the youth there is an opinion that higher education is not necessary for a rich and happy life, examples are millionaires who did not even finish school: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Henry Ford and many others. But the fact is that these people are different from us, they do not just think differently, they act and achieve results. Not every one of us is capable of this, so – learn to live the century.

No matter how old you are, you can always find out what you did not know before. The main thing is do not need to be afraid or ashamed. And let you thirty, forty years – it’s never too late to learn how to draw, or to play, for example, on a flute. The best example of this is MV Lomonosov, who started studying at the age of eighteen! And as it turned out, not in vain. Do not be afraid to learn, because learning is light!

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Live and learn