How do I feel about the inventions of Baron Munchausen?

How do I feel about the inventions of Baron Munchausen?


1. I’m invited for a birthday.

2. My story at the festive table.

3. I was in the spotlight.

4. My stories cause distrust.

5. Stories told by other guys:

A) clay animals;

B) a collision on a change.

6. With Baron Munchausen our life is more interesting.

I was helped to find new friends “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen” by the German writer Rudolf Erik Raspe. Once I was invited to a birthday boy from our yard. At the festive table, the boys laughed at the jokes that one of the guests treated them. And then I thought: what if I tell one of the extraordinary stories of Baron Munchausen? And I told about the eight-hare, about Munchausen’s flight on the core, about his journey to the Moon. Most of all,

the children liked the story of a wolf harnessed to a sleigh. So I was in the center of attention of the company. But my success did not give rest to one of the guests. And he decided to poke me with his question:

“But this is all the invention of Baron Munchausen!” And you tell them as if these adventures were in fact. Do you really believe these things?

“Thoughts are fiction,” I replied, “but I myself saw how the guys once fired cherry bones into a cat, and we harnessed the Funtik to the mongrel in a sleigh.”

“And I remembered another story,” said the birthday boy himself. – Once, in the third grade, the teacher gave the assignment to fashion some animal out of plasticine at her own discretion. I fashioned a hare. But my hare caused laughter among the guys. It turned out that on his head he had either ears, or even one leg. It is a pity that I did not know the history of Baron Munchausen about an eight-year-old hare. I would then explain that if a writer talks about a hare with eight legs, then why do not I mold a hare from plasticine, to which my ears can simultaneously serve as legs.

The story of Baron Munchausen about how he hit himself hard with his fist on the eye, from which sprinkled sparks, ignited gunpowder, forced another guest to recall such a story. On a big change, two boys collided with their foreheads. One of them later said that his sparks were pouring from his eyes. Fire, however, then no one noticed.

After my stories at the birthday party, I noticed that the guys became interested in me. The Baron is indeed an inventor, but without his fantastic stories, real life would not be so interesting. People who tell Baron Munchhausen’s history, read out from the book, are also interesting.

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How do I feel about the inventions of Baron Munchausen?