Questions and answers to the novel by J. Verne “Fifteen-year-old captain”

Questions and answers to the novel by J. Verne “Fifteen-year-old captain”

Who went on a voyage on the schooner “Pilgrim”? How did it happen that Dick Sand became its captain? How did it happen that the “Pilgrim” lost his course?

Taking advantage of Dick’s inexperience, the ship’s cook Negoro broke the compass and imperceptibly changed the testimony of the other. Therefore, instead of America, the ship arrived to the shores of Angola. He was stranded, and Negoro disappeared from the ship.

How did Dick realize that there was a betrayal and who really was Negoro? How did Dick Sand and his companions be captured?

Dick decides along the banks of the creek to reach a larger river. On the way they are overtaken by a thunderstorm. Travelers climb into an empty termite. In a huge anthill with thick clay walls, they experience a thunderstorm. However, getting out of there, immediately fall into captivity. Hercules also managed to escape.

How does Hercules save Dick Sand from death? What do the travelers find on the bank of the river, on which they sailed to the ocean?

Travelers stumble upon a small shack in which already scattered human bones are scattered. In the shack they find a note: her author, the traveler Semyuel Vernoy, accuses his conductor Negoro of having mortally wounded him and robbed him.

How does Negoro end his life? How did the fate of Dick Sand and his friends develop? How did Z. Vern portray his hero, Dick Sand?

Before us are people who are united by common misfortune. At the center of this small cohesive team is the fifteen-year-old captain Dick Sand. What do we know about him? Dick – an orphan, who grew up in an educational home. He is gifted not only with the mind, but also with a wonderful character. Dick does not pass before difficulties, he can analyze what happens, he always finds the right decision. He is a real companion, he is noble and brave, bravely meets danger and overcomes them.

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Questions and answers to the novel by J. Verne “Fifteen-year-old captain”