Writing letter

Hello, Anton. It’s been half a year since you moved to another city. Since you left a lot in the class has changed. Since the first of September three new students have come to our class. Two girls and one boy. One girl is engaged in ballet, the other goes to music school. But the main acquisition of our class is Sergey, he plays football very well. So now our team has become stronger. Next time, when you arrive, we will definitely play together.

And more recently our class sick, even in the hospital lay. We visited her all class. After 2 weeks, she was cured and allowed to go to work.

In early September, the school was “Charging with a star.” It was led by the Olympic champion. And a basketball court on the street was repaired, painted shields and rings.

Come quickly, we are bored with the guys.

Dear friend, how long have we not seen each other! I received your letter a week ago, it made me very happy. Now I have a free minute, I decided

to answer you.

This summer I spend at the cottage with my parents and younger sister. In the city we leave very rarely. But I do not want to go there. In the country is very good. The weather is excellent, very hot. We go to the river every day to bathe and sunbathe. We spend a lot of time on the beach. In this weather there are all summer residents. Mom bought us with her sister on an inflatable mattress, and I still have flippers. In them I can swim very quickly. Once I even wanted to swim from one shore to another, but my father did not allow me. Next year I will definitely do it.
We have one sister with one sister. On Wednesdays we always go fishing together. The night before, the sister always prepares us for food, which we must take with us. And I dig worms and take with me the food for the fish. We get up to fishing very early. On the street at this time of the day it’s still damp and chilly, so it’s necessary to dress warmer. Going back we already take off our jackets.

We always go fishing in the same place. This is our favorite lake with reeds and ducks. This year there are many

small ducklings. We feed them with bread, which remains with us after breakfast. The fish that I catch, we refer to my mother. If a large fish caught, my mother prepares us for lunch. And if she is small, she gives Vaska a neighbor’s cat. He is very happy with our catch.

The days fly imperceptibly. Already passed a whole month of vacation. I’m already starting to miss the school and my classmates. Quickly everyone would see, find out how they spent the summer.

Write to me that you have a new one, how is your brother Artyom. I’m very curious about what’s going on.

Bye. See you in autumn on roll call.

My dear friend!

I’ve never written letters to you, and most likely you’ll be surprised to receive this letter. I hope that no distance will not be a hindrance to our communication.

I’m sorry that we had to part, but I’m happy for you. Before you now open up new horizons. “A great ship – a great voyage!”. You must know that in order for life not to happen, you can always count on me.

Of course, I’m sure that we will meet. You can always come to our city, and I’ll be very glad if you stop at my place. I often recall our conversations. You know, I’m proud of our friendship and appreciate it. I am very glad that you have me and I want to thank you for your friendship.

Write to me. I miss you.

Your sincere friend.

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Writing letter