Is it easy to be an apprentice

Is it easy to be an apprentice

Is it easy to be a disciple? Is it easy to go to school? Is it easy to learn something new every day, learn and try something that you have never done before in your life? It seems to me that there can be only one answer to this question – it is difficult!

What does it mean to be a student? Every day at school learn something new, remember, understand, practice in the most diverse sciences. Perhaps, some subjects are given hard, with great effort. And you need to overcome these difficulties, put a lot of effort, force yourself.

It is known that if you want to achieve success in sports, you need to train every day, without regretting the forces and time. Only regular classes, desire to win, perseverance, willpower, purposefulness can lead to victory. The same, as it seems to me, in the comprehension of school subjects. Only self-discipline and a desire to comprehend a science can help to master it.

Of course, it is important that the subject you are studying likes you. Then everything is much simpler. It is always easy to comprehend what you like. But here too, perseverance, perseverance, self-discipline are important. And in those subjects that are not given to you, this is the most important thing.

But what pleasure and pleasure you experience when you achieve some results, when you are praised or you yourself understand that you have mastered something well!

Of course, being a student is not easy. This is also evidenced by the Russian folk proverb: “The root of the doctrine is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” However, in order to achieve some success – in school, profession, in life – one must persevere in studying and patiently mastering the sciences. People have not come up with another way to become a real person.

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Is it easy to be an apprentice