Unforgettable journey

This summer, my mother asked me and my dad: “Have you thought about how wide and vast our Russia is – the longest country in the world? But even the biggest country somewhere has its borders – and other lands start behind them! ” By this question, she gave us a topic for thinking about the forthcoming journey. Mom suggested that we go with Dad to the salt lake of Elton, which, according to the stories of friends, is not only beautiful, but also curative.

We really enjoyed the offer. We collected all the necessary things and set off on our own car. We took a long time, because the distance from our city to the lake is great. I looked out the window all the way, and I liked it. We drove through villages and towns in which I had never been before, past forests and fields, rivers and lakes, melons and melons and melons.

Here is the long-awaited Lake Elton – the largest mineral lake in Europe and one of the most mineralized in the world. This summer

the weather was hot, not a single drop of rain fell. Therefore, Lake Elton was almost dry, it looked like an icy wilderness. The surface of the lake is covered with saline solution – brine. It seemed that even the air was saturated with salt. On the shore of the lake grew plants that are listed in the Red Book. On Elton there are no fresh rivers – all the rivers are mineral, having salty taste, but people and animals drink this water. On Elton we smeared with healing ointment, washed with salt brine and bathed in the mineral river Smoroda. After the treatment procedures we had a picnic by the fire and met the famous Elton sunset ̶ this is an amazing sight, just for the sake of which it is worth to go to such a distance!

On the way back, near the village of Lebyazhye Polyana, we met a lotus lake. This very beautiful plant was pleasant to me and my mum with its aroma. It is listed in the Red Book.

Then we stopped in the city of Volgograd and visited the main height of Russia – Mamaev Kurgan. When visiting places like Mamayev Kurgan is breathtaking from the tribulation and the greatness of our Motherland. The memorial is unique, grandiose, powerful, conveys the Great Victory.

I really enjoyed this trip because I got acquainted with such amazing places of our country. Thanks to my parents for the fact that they gave me such an unforgettable trip, the impressions will suffice for a long time.

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Unforgettable journey