How close is Hamlet to us today?

There were, and probably will be, people in the society like Hamlet. They are tormented by eternal problems, not understanding why the world is so incongruously arranged, and they want to change it. And this is their cross.

Hamlet is a person who has walked the bridge of time for more than four hundred years and continues to worry us today. He is not a villain, but an honest knight. He fights for justice, and does not take revenge. He is close to us today, because now not everyone can see such a Hamlet – a man ready to act. He is among the white crows – those that do not get into flocks, do not merge with the crowd, causing irritation by their dissimilarity, taking on themselves the blows of misunderstanding.

A noble person is not so often found in our world, where the air itself seems to be polluted with lies, violence, vulgar words. The epoch of Hamlet is our epoch with you, only in the looking-glass. But where is Hamlet, who can exclaim: “The age has shattered – and the worst thing is that I was born to rebuild it!”?

People do not understand that you can not think only of yourself. And Hamlet understands all this: he is a fine, noble, highly moral person!

It is contradictory, like “yes” and “no”, as good and evil, and at the same time it is fragile, like a crystal stone, it’s easy to injure.

It seems to me that Hamlet helps each of us to look into ourselves. The drama of Shakespeare is eternal, as all those questions that are tormented by its protagonist are eternal.

Hamlet is a hero of all time and people, he can not die, like his era – the Renaissance, which gave us the right guidelines for today’s life.

Hamlet died, but long live Hamlet!

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How close is Hamlet to us today?