Excursion to the history

Excursion to the history

The cathedrals and churches of Moscow enjoy well-deserved fame not only among Russians, but all over the world. And among all the beautiful creations of Russian architects, the Cathedral of Pokrovsky, amazingly beautiful, stands out, or, as it is often called by the old-timers, the church of St. Basil the Blessed. How was this unique architectural monument built? Let’s make an excursus into the history of Russia.

In October 1552, a nationwide celebration took place in Moscow. The Russian troops, led by Tsar Ivan the Terrible, returned from the campaign after the victorious assault on Kazan. The grandiose significance of the conquest of Kazan – the center of the Tatar khanate – is evidenced by the fact that after this victory the danger of an attack from the Tatars in the east of the country was permanently destroyed.

In honor of this event, a church was erected on Red Square, called the Pokrovsky Cathedral and now known as St. Basil’s Cathedral. The creators of this amazing structure were the Russian masters Barma and Postnik. The temple was built on a hill in the main square to be always in sight.

The cathedral impresses with originality of its forms, its color and architectural decision expresses with extraordinary completeness the feeling of great joy of the Russian people on the occasion of the great victory over the Tatars.

The Intercession Cathedral consists of nine churches: the main one, with a large tent-like covering, is surrounded by a regular octagon of a smaller church with bulbous domes characteristic of Russian architecture. All churches are united by an inner narrow gallery.

The temple stands on a stone terrace, which has an oval shape, surrounded by a wrought iron lattice. The interior decoration of churches is admired by wonderful frescoes, artful painting.

Now you can accurately date the end of the construction of the temple: it was completed on June 29, 1561, which is confirmed by written evidence of that time. This document became known to scientists relatively recently. Previously it was believed that the Intercession Cathedral was built in 1560.

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Excursion to the history