What is selfishness?

What is selfishness?

In the composition there are references to the story of O. Pavlova.

Option 1

Egoism is a person’s desire to put himself above everyone else and, if he succeeds, then such a person seems to think that the world revolves only around him. This quality refers to the negative, because behind it are immodesty, pride, sometimes even cruelty.

In the story of O. Pavlova, we can find several characters-egoists.

Max Smirnov, wishing to shave, does not hesitate to mimic the stuttering Zhukov. For Katya Lebedeva habitually self-admiringly admire their embroidery. Despite the fact that Max is the captain of the school basketball team, and Katya is beautiful and talented, they do not arouse the reader’s sympathy.


But because egoism nullifies all

the virtues of man, making it unpleasant, soulless.

Option 2

I believe that selfishness is one of the most unpleasant qualities in a person. This narcissism, lust for attention and stupidity combined. The egoist does not notice people around, on the contrary – he is waiting for adoration, worship.

Let’s look, turning to the proposed text, what unpleasant manifestations of selfishness can be.

Katya Lebedeva does not doubt her own superiority so much that she does not think for a second that Zhukov will write his work not about her. The narcissist takes his good attitude without gratitude, with “feigned discontent.” Vovka probably wrote about her: “A real talent without kindness is like dead flowers.”

I, unfortunately, too happen selfish. I’m still ashamed of the money that I took for a long time with my grandmother for small expenses, until my mother told me that Grandma was saving herself to raise this sum to me. But I did not even think that my grandmother’s pension was very small.

For egoists, as I understood even from my experience, all interests are limited by one’s own self.

Option 3

I think egoism is a reluctance to understand that in this world there is someone else but you. The selfish person considers himself smarter, better, more worthy than others.

Egoism is a quality that distinguishes Katya Lebedeva from the story of O. Pavlova. Everyone considers her to be the first beauty, objects are easily given to her, but she is arrogant, rude and immodest: Katya calls her embroidery adorable, she boasts of her. Agree, this behavior is selfish.

Max Smirnov does not behave better either: he does not hesitate to mimic the stuttering Zhukov, he behaves defiantly.

And only Vovka Zhukov with his composition taught a lesson to all those who behave selfishly in their class.

There is no beauty in a person if he loves only himself and his achievements.

Option 4

Egoism is a person’s behavior when he thinks only of himself and his own merits. Selfishness is often characteristic of egoists.

Let us turn to the text of O. Pavlova to prove this idea. Katya, who knows how to embroider well, brings her work to the class. Trying to draw everyone’s attention to their paintings, calls embroidery a “beautiful garden,” admires them, seeks confirmation of their enthusiasm for the reaction of others.

Her conceit is unpleasant, but Katya does not notice this. In addition, she is sure that her talents will be told by Vova, who is in love with her. Even without having finished listening to his composition, she comments on the reading in order to attract attention once again.

Eugene Onegin from the novel of the same name by Alexander Pushkin is also an egoist, and selfishness deprived his friend and sincere love.

Selfish people, as a rule, cause hostile feelings.

Option 5

Egoism is a disparaging attitude towards others and a demonstration of their imaginary and real virtues. Egoists love only themselves.

Let us prove this idea with examples from the text of O. Pavlova. In the class where the girl Katya is studying, everyone has noticed for a long time that the quiet and the three-year-old Zhuk is in love with her. However, Katya humiliates him, showing her disdain. Pretended discontent also sounds in her words, when Katya listens to Vovka’s work, confident that it is written about her.

But the girl invariably signs her works, admires them, boasts that an exhibition of her “delightful garden” will be organized. Katya does not yet understand how unhappy in her selfishness: unable to love anyone other than herself, she is doomed to loneliness.

However, this is natural: very few people want to communicate with a man who is only interested in himself.

Option 6

Egoism is a disgusting property of a person to consider himself better than all others. The egoist, as a rule, is soulless and self-confident, he does not consider with the feelings of the surrounding people.

So, in the text of O. Pavlova, Katya leaves an unpleasant impression, although she sings well, draws, embroider. However, her talent does not want to be admired, because the girl does it all the time herself.

Deciding that she is the best and all is allowed to her, the girl easily insults a classmate. When it comes to the couplets of a boy in love, Katya scoffs contemptuously. This selfish person is aware only of his own exclusiveness.

For everyone to live well in society, everyone should think not only about themselves, but about others.

What is selfishness?