“The power of art” composition

Art is manifested in many forms. It is multifaceted and affects many aspects of our life. These are works of literature, painting, theater and cinema, music. His magic lies in the fact that it fills people with life force in the most difficult periods of life. This especially applies to wartime.

In those terrible times, people overcame physical, moral deprivation. There are many examples of cinematography, literature, which confirm the power of art. Only under its influence people got up and went into battle, fought for their Motherland, committed incredible feats. Despite such harsh conditions, during the hostilities films were even filmed that track the chronology of events. Thanks to these authors, we have a unique opportunity to look at everything that happens from within. The works of the literature describe in everyday life verses and prose the life of soldiers fighting on the front lines, as well as the workers of the rear.

Description of the daily life of our ancestors who lived in the Middle Ages, picturesque narrates about their everyday life. We have the opportunity to present the environment, customs, customs, traditions.

Classical musical works are unique in that they are to the liking of all generations and ages. Their significance is great and undeniable. They unite the people of all religions, traditions, regardless of the emerging political situation.

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“The power of art” composition