The vastness of flat spaces intersected by a multitude of large and small rivers and streams; the greatness of the mountain countries covered with snow caps; the swaying sea of ​​forests and steppes – it is in all directions spreading Russian land – the embodiment of vastness.

There are few countries in the world that have such a variety of nature, population, economy. Different images of their land, land, terrain are formed by people living in Central Russia, in the north of Siberia, in the mountains of the Caucasus. Spatial heterogeneity is the cause of diversity.

Descriptions of our land, we find in the diaries of travelers, we see on the canvases of artists, we hear in music and poetry. In the works the authors express their feelings, creating various artistic images.

Wide space has always possessed the hearts of Russians. No wonder they speak about the broad soul of the Russian people. The peculiarities of the terrain form the peculiar character of the inhabitants. It is known about the Siberian character: firm, calm and decisive, forged in the harsh conditions of the Trans-Urals.

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