Envy the composition

Envy the composition

Envy is not a very good quality person. Even in the commandments of God it says, “Do not envy.” But we need to clearly understand that there are two kinds of envy.

One is good, if you can call it that or white. This is when a person envies, but in a kind way. He’s happy for you, he just wanted something too. Sometimes you can even hear how friends use the conversation: “How I envy you,” but without any malice.

And there is evil envy or black. This is when a person is very jealous that he is even ready to do something bad. Nobody talks about such envy out loud, but with your thoughts curses your luck. It’s a shame, but the honor in the world is such envy prevails. Everyone instead of rejoicing for a friend or relative, ready to throw him a knife in the back. No one is trying to do something good for themselves, but to do badly to another always, please.

Envy, namely bad, plays a very big role in our life. And it is a great pity that many do not understand this. It is because of envy that disputes are taking place, families are crumbling, people close to us are suffering. Some can not or do not want to understand that this is bad. If everyone thought about his behavior and the consequences of his actions, perhaps the world has become better. People would be more helpful to each other, stretching one to the other, trusted. And most importantly, they said directly what they think, but did not hide everything behind a mask of joy or indifference.

For some reason our world is rolling into some abyss. It has less room for kindness, tenderness, sincerity. Friendly relations are changed by wars, sincerity by lies, love by hatred. But after all, it was once different, people were one. They helped each other, helped out in difficult circumstances, supported in difficult moments.

I believe that it is the envy that destroys all good in man. And if all this were understood and opposed, much could be changed.

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Envy the composition