Essay on the Trinity Cathedral in Novomoskovsk

A bit in the world of the temples, about which novels are written. Notre-Dame de Paris in France – about him “Notre Dame de Paris” by Victor Hugo. Sofia Kievskaya, about whom the novel “Divo” was written by Pavlo Zagrebelny. And there is another temple in Ukraine, sung in the novel by Oles Honchar’s “Cathedral.” This Trinity Cathedral in the city of Novomoskovsk, Dnepropetrovsk region, the former Samara.

The history of this building, recorded by Dmitri Yavornytsky, is similar to the legend. It was in 1773, when the Zaporizhzhya Sich was about to be destroyed. In Samara stood an old church, and the Cossacks decided to build a new one.

We collected a council, found a master – Yakima Pogrebnyak from the village of Vodolagi. Only this master did not like the foreman: he was plain, and also red-haired.

“Can you build a temple of God?”

And the Cossacks planned to build not so simply – without

a single nail. It was not fair, they thought, in the temple of the Savior, crucified on a cross and nailed with iron nails, to hammer nails into a tree.

– I’ll build it. Why not? It’s not the first time, “Yakim Pogrebnyak answered. And he painted directly on the path in the garden where they gathered, a beautiful five-domed church.

– And what, you build this? – Cossacks did not believe.

– I would have built a big, nine-headed one.

He drew nine-headed, and so this church liked everyone that they said to erect it.

We brought a tree, laid the foundation.

Only this time the master doubted himself. There was no wooden church with nine domes anywhere in Ukraine. How to build it, how to put it all together, rafted to the rafters, so that it would be firm, reliable? .. The master was frightened, and so he ran away – he hid in the floods. Lies in the reeds, and on the horizon can be seen Samara Nicholas Monastery, as if beckons to him. The master prayed to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. And then Saint Nicholas dreamed of him and explained

how to build a cathedral. Upon waking, the master made a small church out of reeds. Everything in it was fine, and he, already confident in himself, returned to construction.

The reed mock-up was kept for a long time in the cathedral until it crumbled to dust.

And the cathedral stands. The master really did without nails: the decks are fastened with wooden pins or taken “to the castle,” that is, they are embedded in each other. And so strongly they are fastened that they are not afraid of storms or earthquakes. One day a hurricane struck in the city of the roof, turned oak trees with roots, and at least a cathedral! Eyewitnesses said that only the panic was shuddering and creaking walls in the corners.

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Essay on the Trinity Cathedral in Novomoskovsk